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Environmental policy is keen to do our bit for the environment and that we consider it throughout our business activities. We can't pretend that the silver our silversmiths use wasn't originally mined, but we are conscious that there are other things we can do to make some contribution to off-setting the effect of that activity. There are things we can do to neutralise the carbon that our business creates through international deliveries, packaging and business supply choices to ensure that it is as environmentally friendly as possible.
Our green activities include:
  • Only making our jewellery from 100% reclaimed silver so no new mining is involved.
  • Planting trees to off-set carbon.
  • Shredding our waste paper and turning it into our packaging.
  • Re-using packaging that is sent to us by our suppliers.
  • Printing all our business stationary on recycled paper & using .PDFs wherever possible.

We use only reclaimed silver… a fabulous bit of recycling! Yes, all of Silverchilli's gorgeous jewellery is created using 100% reclaimed silver, which has been cleaned to ensure its purity is still .925. The quality of our pieces is then verified by the London Assay Office.

We re-use or use recycled packaging and stationery across our business… We use recycled packaging wherever possible, but more importantly we re-use as much of the packaging that comes our way too. Forgive us if you think you delivery box looks a little lived it.... it is because it is re-used. We are trying to tread as lightly on the earth as possible. However, if you are ever sending a gift through us, have no fear! We will always use brand new boxes, as we understand that not everyone may realise that there is an environmental objective behind our packaging choices. And all that office waste paper that was used on both sides… turns into the shredded paper that protects your beautiful Silverchilli jewellery en route to you, ensuring that it turns up in good condition. All our headed paper, delivery notes and other literature are printed on recycled paper. As a business we use the reverse of each sheet of waste paper and we send all catalogues as .pdf files, ensuring that we never have to discard piles of out of date literature.
"If you ever receive polystyrene chip packaging from Silverchilli, it is not because we bought them; we are simply reusing the ones that someone sent to us first!"

Carbon Neutralising… How do we do that?! Easy.... plant trees! …As many as is necessary to neutralise the effect of our air deliveries from Mexico. Equally we also offset all our business travel both internationally and in the UK. Through The Woodland Trust, Silverchilli has started planting trees in woods around the UK. It takes just 5 trees to neutralise the carbon created by each delivery from Mexico to the UK.

Development… We are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our impact on the environment, and will continue to monitor developments in this area and implement as many initiatives as possible. We would also welcome your comments and suggestions at Get in touch!

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