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Fair Trade policy supports Fair Trade in a number of ways… 
  • We pay 50% in advance for all the orders to help fund raw materials, so the silversmiths are never out of pocket, and then we pay the remaining 50% immediately on delivery.
  • We design the products in conjunction with the Silversmiths and we pay a design royalty when production moves to a different Silversmith - a concept which is new in this area.
  • We work with silversmiths who belong to a Union or a Co-operative.
  • Our policy is to return our profits to the communities we work with. We currently fund all the running costs of a Women’s & Children’s Centre in Taxco, where most of our silversmiths live and work. 
What does 'Fair Trade' mean…? 
  • Fair trade is better than aid. It builds a sustainable future on producers' own abilities, with the main objective being to improve the producers' quality of life. Several aspects of fair trade include:
  • Producers receive a fair price for their goods and advances on orders.
  • Fair Trade organisations work with producers to provide quality products.
  • Purchase and marketing of producers' goods are conducted according to high ethical standards; continuity of orders is important.
  • Sources, production and workplaces do not exploit people or the environment.
  • Products have meaning above their tangible attributes; consumers are informed about the people who make the products they purchase, increasing their loyalty and understanding that their purchasing power makes a difference.
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