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The story of our gift bags

Terecarmen smiles her broad warm smile at us as we talk.  She's worked with Silverchilli for all our years and she has a lot to smile about.

Behind her are literally hundreds of women from indigenous groups who owe their livelihood to her. Terecarmen has devoted her life to bringing her incredible creativity and needlework skills to women's groups across the state of Oaxaca helping them to build livelihoods for themselves and commit the imagery of birds and flowers from their ancient cultures to cloth.

The result is amazing clothing to spectacular hand dyed and emroidered bedspreads, right down to the beautiful little bags your Silverchilli jewellery arrives in. Each of the threads for embroidery is hand dyed using traditional techniques that draw colour from plants and other forms of nature to create the rich shades that you will have seen in the finished bags. These techniques have been handed down from mother to daughter and are a valuable part of the women's culture.

Along the way, stitch by stich, she has helped them raise their status in their families, sustain themselves against the shocks and challenges of their often hard rural lives, which is reliant upon successful harvests. Ultimately she has also helped them strengthen their community bond and preserve their culture in one of Mexico's poorest states.

Over the years literally thousands of our little bags have passed under her watchful eye sharp to quality control, to ensure you receive a little piece of Oaxaca made with skill and love by the indigenous women.... Something which makes us very happy!
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